Since the film began its marketing campaign, Godzilla was a little reticent to go all the way. It would show some leg, or some skin, but we never got a clear look at the money shots. But now the cat is out of the bag as the latest TV shot shows all.

And, as pictured above, that’s the new Godzilla, who doesn’t look all that different from his more recent versions, though here is the original design for comparison’s sake:


The main thing seems to be that over the years, with new versions featuring CGI over men in suits, the eyes have gotten smaller and the designs seem more reptilian. Here’s the TV spot with the shot above, which builds on the same ideas we’ve seen in previous ads:

On top of which there’s a new featurette that talks to director Gareth Edwards, who basically says “I may have an effects background, but I promise not to overabuse the toys.”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens internationally this weekend, so it’s possible — considering that means there will be torrents of it shortly (if there aren’t already) and the film’s big surprises have been posted on the film’s wikipedia page — that by the time it comes to America it will be not the summer launch that was hoped for (in the same way that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was slightly defeated by piracy). Which means that it’s possible that Godzilla could kick start the summer if it delivers. If. Godzilla opens May 16.