Early word out of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 screenings was that there was no post-credit stinger, which has been a regular feature on comic-book movies since at least Iron Man. So it seems that the makers of Spider-Man – who originally didn’t plan any post-credits shenanigans have come up with a solution: Show a clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Empire broke the news, and from all evidence the X-Men scene will be on the film all around the world, and will feature Jennifer Lawrence‘s Mystique, Evan Jonigkeit’s Toad and Lucas Till’s Havok fighting Josh Helman’s William Stryker and his men. Though there’s no evidence, we’d like to think this whole thing went down this way:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man had a post-credit sting that made very little sense/was so ambiguous it seemed slapped together in hopes of emulating Marvel’s successes. So for the second film, they decided they’d rather not do one.
  • Fans complained that they sat through the credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and didn’t get a post credits scene.
  • Either Sony talked to Fox or Fox talked to Sony about a little cross-promotional synergy and then the magic happened.

This way fans are happy, and Fox gets a push from all the eyes getting a taste of their upcoming superhero movie.

Marvel has mastered the post-credit sting so much that one can now usually count on two of them: one that promotes their next film and another that ties in with the movie at hand. Perhaps at some point they’ll get up to three post-credit sequences. The X-Men embraced this with The Wolverine (though First Class did not have one), while DC has stayed away from these for the most part, with only The Green Lantern featuring any sort of mid or post-credit reveal. As Marvel has set the tone for the superhero movie, it’s no surprise that other studios are scrambling to follow their lead.

What’s your favorite end credit stinger? (It’s Shawarma, isn’t it?)