Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It’s harder and harder to stay on top of the box office with so many hit films coming out every week, so it’s impressive that Captain America: The Winter Soldier fended off Rio 2, though it’s hold isn’t all that spectacular.  The Rio sequel did as much business as it’s predecessor, which isn’t great news, but it did that much better than the other new releases.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41,398,000 (-56.4) $10,512 $159,006,000
2 Rio 2 $39,000,000 $9,878 $39,000,000
3 Oculus $12,000,000 $4,532 $12,000,000
4 Draft Day $9,750,000 $3,506 $9,750,000
5 Divergent $7,500,000 (-42.2)
$2,412 $124,877,000
6 Noah $7,450,000 (-56.3) $2,270 $84,872,000
7 God’s Not Dead $5,485,000 (-29.3) $2,949 $40,700,000
8 The Grand Budapest Hotel $4,050,000 (-33.8) $2,761 $39,470,000
9 Muppets Most Wanted $2,193,000 (-64.3) $970 $45,670,000
10 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $1,825,000 (-64.4) $912 $105,215,000

Cap 2 is now nearly at $160. The first film did $176 Million domestic, so this will top that, and the film is now at $476 Million worldwide, which is one hundred million more than the first film did. Domestically, it should two hundred million, though it may not make it to $250 Mil. The question is if it levels off. Things don’t hold, unless they’re Frozen these days.

Rio 2 did okay business, and it will likely get to $150 Million-ish, though it could suffer a higher drop next weekend as a sequel. Still, there’s Oculus doing twelve million and Draft Day doing less than ten million, so it could be worse. Oculus could make money if it was done on the cheap, but it’s likely to drop over sixty percent next weekend. Draft Day is misfire, and was probably hurt by too much Kevin Costner of late.

It looks like Noah will get to $100 Million domestic, while it doesn’t look like Divergent will get to $150 Million. Grand Budapest is still playing, but after $50 Million, it will probably tap out.

Reality Check: I went a little high on Cap 2, and a little low on Rio 2.

What are you going to watch this weekend?