1178499 - 22 Jump Street

The latest red-band trailer for 22 Jump Street shows more of the appealing chemistry between actors Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. But they’re not the only reason we’re excited for this sequel; directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have already had one huge hit this year (The LEGO Movie) and from the looks of this trailer, they’ll be repeating their success with this raunchy comedy.

In the sequel, Capt. Dickson (Ice Cube) sends Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) undercover again. This time, they head to college (because they look way too old for high school). And, as the trailer suggests, the duo will be doing a little bit of the same in the sequel, which is trying to find out who the main drug dealer at the college campus is.

The new red-band trailer begins with an awkward therapy session between Schmidt and Jenko, who seem to have grown apart. But the fun soon begins when they boys are given a new mission, which Capt. Dickson points out is just “the same case.” Then we get a bunch of Spring Breakers-type images (of girls jumping in their itty-bitty bikinis) and a hilarious sequence where Hill’s Schmidt pretends to be a Mexican cholo. Here’s the trailer:

22 Jump Street opens June 13.

Are you excited for 22 Jump Street?

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