Not everyone was pleased when Zach Braff decided to crowd-fund his follow-up to the successful Garden State and not-so-successful The Last Kiss a la the Veronica Mars kickstarter—it seemed to many that Braff, with the success of both Garden State and Scrubs, could manage to scrounge together the budget for Wish I Was Here without crowd-funding.  Regardless, Braff got his money, and now we have the trailer to yet another entry into Braff’s oeuvre.

And yeah, it looks like a basic Zach Braff movie—Zach Braff has an attractive gal (Kate Hudson) because of course, but then something happens and he “finds himself at a crossroads” because of course, and then there is some self-indulgent navel gazing because of course, and then the indie pop soundtrack kicks in because of course, and the whole thing feels like a music video because of course.  But hey, what do we know, it’s getting some solid reviews.  Here’s that teaser:

Directed by Zach Braff, written by Zach Braff (with Adam Braff), crowd-funded by Zach Braff, and starring Zach Braff, Wish I Was Here is set for a July 18th release date.

What do you think of the Wish I Was Here trailer?