While most of the post-weekend movie news is going to be dominated with various bits about the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as the future of the Cap franchise, a few other bits of news are managing to sneak by, including two intriguing casting bits.

The first comes from Edgar Wright’s upcoming entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-ManMatt Gerald, who previously starred as Dave in Marvel’s One-Shot short film about the “Mandarin,” All Hail the King, will now appear as a villain in Ant-Man, though it is unclear as to whether or not Gerald will still be playing the same character in Ant-Man, or if his villain will be a new person entirely, or if his villain will be the primary baddie for the film, or something closer to a henchman.

Swinging from one end of the spectrum (films we really, really want to see) to the other (films we really, really don’t), comes news from the Point Break reboot production: Ray Winstone has been cast in the “Gary Busey” role from the original film—Johnny Utah’s eccentric mentor within the FBI.  We love Winstone.  We do not love the idea of a rebooted Point Break.

What do you think of the Ant-Man/ Point Break news?

Source:  /Film