Someone must have lit fires under the people making Godzilla‘s butt as this week has brought out a ton of new material for the film, and it’s capped off with a new “extended preview.” This preview runs two minutes and thirty seconds, so it’s the same length as a trailer, but we guess they want to brand it as something else.

It does show off stars Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and more, and gives better glimpses of the creatures than any previous trailer or TV spot. It also shows that there’s more than one gigantic beast in the movie. The scale of this film is enormous, and director Gareth Edwards obviously knows the monster movie he wanted to make with the film. Here’s that spot:

It could be this flood of new footage is due to NCAA basketball wrapping up shortly (prime advertising real estate), or it could be because the film is a little more than a month out, and as it’s not a franchise in the tradition sense (and is following Roland Emmerich’s rather miserable 1998 attempt at an Americanized reboot), they want to get people really psyched for this movie. It could also be that they realize that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not tracking as big as expected, and if they play their cards right Godzilla could be seen as the film that launches the summer season. Godzilla opens theatrically May 16.

Are you in for Godzilla?