So, the record for highest April opening ever was previously held by  Fast Five. That made a little over $86 Million. Captain America: The Winter Soldier beat that by ten million. Suck on that Fast Five.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $96,200,000 $24,429 $96,200,000
2 Noah $17,000,000 (-61.1) $4,761 $72,341,000
3 Divergent $13,000,000 (-49.3) $3,580 $114,029,000
4 God’s Not Dead $7,726,000 (-12.2) $4,395 $32,520,000
5 The Grand Budapest Hotel $6,300,000 (-26.2)
$4,988 $33,380,000
6 Muppets Most Wanted $6,285,000 (-44.3) $2,059 $42,142,000
7 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $5,300,000 (-41.6) $1,808 $102,202,000
8 Sabotage $1,908,000 (-63.8) $767 $8,767,000
9 Need For Speed $1,836,000 (-56.6) $1,032 $40,839,000
10 Non-Stop $1,827,000 (-54.4) $1,060 $88,138,000

The highest grossing April movie seems to be Fast Five, which made $209 Million. This is going to crush that. It’s hard to know if Cap will play long and strong, but it will definitely gross more than the first film, which topped out at $176 Million domestic and $370.5 Million worldwide. Cap 2 is already over $300 Million worldwide. It’s hard to say at the moment if this film will get to $300 domestic, but it’s got a chance. It should be over $100 Million sometime tomorrow, and is likely to pass The LEGO Movie (which just crossed the $250 Million mark this weekend) and become the highest grossing film of 2014. At least until summer starts.

(Reality Check: I predicted the film would do $97.3, so I was off by a million. I can live with that)

Noah will get over $100 Million domestic by hook or crook, but that’s about it. International should rescue it, and it will be a quiet break even type of proposition, which is probably the best possible outcome. The Divergent franchise better hope that it’s a grower (not a shower) because the first film probably won’t get to $150 domestic, and the film hasn’t launched worldwide yet, it seems. God’s Not Dead should play for a while here, but the ceiling is likely $60 Million. We may see a studio try to make biblical movies like Blumhouse makes horror movies. This and Son of God prove there is an audience, but it’s an audience that tops out at $60 Million

The Grand Budapest Hotel cracked the top five, the question is if it will keep playing. It’s likely to get around $50 Million. Likely. Same with Muppets, which will need international business to break even.

Next weekend could bring competition for Cap in that Draft Day and Rio 2 could both make some coin. That said, whatever experiment Marvel was testing, they got great results, and as this outperformed Thor: The Dark World‘s opening, either the off season was beneficial, or  people now love Chris Evans as Captain America on a similar level that they do Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. It’s possible this new film will have done more business than the first film did in its entire run by the end of next weekend. That’s big.

What did you watch this weekend?