Lucy Scarlett Johansson

Luc Besson (remember him?) hasn’t been directing action movies these days so much as producing them, and his last two efforts behind the camera (The Family and The Lady) didn’t make that much of a dent stateside. It’s quite possible that The Messenger – and his break up with Milla Jovovich — left him less interested in international acclaim. But now, with Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, he’s back with a vengeance as Lucy is his most commercial movie in over a decade.

The premise here is so very simple. Johansson’s body is being used to transport drugs, but when the drugs are unintentionally released inside of her she gains the ability to access more of her brain, which makes her super-smart and super kickass. Besson knows a good strong premise as he’s been the mastermind behind both the Transporter and Taken franchises, but though there’s some possible narrative rabbit holes this could fall down, it looks fun. Check it out:

The fun part (which is similar to the movie Limitless) is that Johansson’s Lucy gets smarter because we humans supposedly only use a small section of our brains, which may lead to being able to control the world with iPhone functionality.Tthe part that makes me wary is when Morgan Freeman suggests that knowing too much is a bad thing. Why do dumb movies always worry about knowing too much? Oh well. Lucy is due to hit theaters August 8.

Are you a Luc Besson fan?