The release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend has thrown off our internal summer clocks. Between that and the nearly twenty minutes of footage that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has already released, it feels like we haven’t heard much from Godzilla, even though it’s not due out for another month and a half. Well, here are the first two TV spots, and they’re pretty wicked.

One of the main reasons we’re excited for the film is the cast.  Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sally Hawkins, Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe and David Strathairn  make for a great ensemble, the sort we’d be just as happy to see in an Ang Lee film as we would a movie about a giant irradiated lizard. In fact, the biggest question mark is director Gareth Edwards, who previously directed the 2010 film Monsters, which played like an audition reel for this movie. Hopefully this isn’t the world’s most expensive fan film. Here are those TV spots:

One of the smartest things about Warner Brothers’ marketing of the film is that they haven’t revealed the monster in full yet, but it doesn’t feel like they’re playing footsie either (or that is to say it doesn’t seem like they’re worried). Honestly, we’d probably all prefer that the first big reveal of the creature be saved for the film, so it’s nice they’re giving us just enough to stay excited. Godzilla hits theaters May 16.

Are you stoked for Godzilla?