Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Top Gun 2 continues to be the unnecessary sequel to an unnecessary original film that just won’t quit—despite the suicide of original director Tony Scott in 2012, the fact that it’s been nearly 30 years since the Cold War-based original film, and that Tom Cruise isn’t the guaranteed box office draw he once was, producer Jerry Bruckheimer continues to forcibly midwife the sequel into existence.

During a recent interview to promote his new book release, When Lightning Strikes: Four Decades of Filmmaking, the megaproducer  stated he’s already crafted a narrative hook to base the film around: “The concept is, basically, are the pilots obsolete because of drones? Cruise is going to show them that they’re not obsolete. They’re here to stay.”

Yep, Cruise is going to show the drones (which are automated devices incapable of opinions on the subject, one way or another) that pilots are here to stay, and that the drones were pretty stupid for thinking otherwise.  Because Cruise says so.

As to whether or not this will actually happen depends on Cruise’s busy schedule (he has Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher sequels on the horizon) and whether Paramount will commit to the sequel.

Will you pay $20 to actually see this?

Source:  Cinema Blend