Today Anchorman: The Legend Continues hits Blu-ray and DVD with two alternate cuts. One an R-rated version that recently played theaters, while the other is a 143 minute “throw everything in” version. But it seems they’re looking to release a fourth cut of the movie, one that contains — instead of the 763 new jokes from the R-rated version — zero jokes. Can Anchorman 2 be played straight?

The clip highlights a dramatic scenes between Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate in which the two are on the verge of splitting up. Instead of playing it for laughs, this scene just goes for the truth, with dramatic music highlighting the tensions between the two. Could this work for the whole movie? Watch the clip and see:

Okay, so this is obviously an April Fool’s Day joke, but unlike the majority of the “Justin Bieber is cast in Star Wars: Episode 7“-type gags, this is at least modestly clever. Perhaps a new generation will find something funny in April Fool’s Day jokes on the internet, but lying at great length in ways that are obvious seems to have run its course as anyone who’s been online through one of these days knows to keep their guard up. It’s hard to deliver a joke when you know a punchline is coming, so it’s only the people who can subvert or deliver on those expectations who can make anything funny out of this stupid holiday. This Anchorman 2 thing comes close.

Do you have a favorite April Fool’s Day joke?