It feels like it’s been a while since there’s been a good disaster movie. Perhaps it’s because 2012 was such a barn burner, or perhaps it was just getting past both 2000 and 2012 as years of prophesied doom. So it’s good of New Line to bring back the genre with the upcoming film Into the Storm. And now there’s a trailer for it.

The film was directed by Steven Quale — who previously helmed Final Destination 5, but is mostly known for having worked for James Cameron — and stars Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies. You might know him as Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit movies (though it might be hard to recognize him without the beard and Dwarf accoutrements), and you might know her as Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead. Here’s that trailer:

We mentioned the cast, but this trailer isn’t about getting audiences invested in the film’s characters. No, this teaser is about showcasing the rampant destruction featured in the film, which includes flaming tornadoes (sounds like a specialty drink) and dancing airplanes. It’s impressive and yet obviously the work of computers. It’s surprising that no mention is made of 3D, as this seems to be custom fit for it. But perhaps we should just count our blessings that it doesn’t appear to be found footage. Into the Storm hits theaters August 8.

Are you pumped to see Into the Storm?