Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Harrison Ford

Yesterday, rumors begin to erupt from the internet that Disney, having scored the rights to make more films in the Indiana Jones franchise, was moving ahead to reboot the character.  Because, if there’s anything Indiana Jones fans want more than another mediocre and insulting sequel in the series, it’s an altogether rebooted version of the series without indelible franchise star Harrison Ford, right?

It’s true—Latino Review was reporting that Disney was pushing to move forward with a rebooted Indiana Jones franchise, with a story pitch from Frank Darabont (whose script for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not what eventually made it to the big screen) and Bradley Cooper of all people at the top of the list to wear Indy’s famous fedora.

Now, this news was noted to be rumor only, and /Film is currently reporting that “we’ve contacted a high-placing source who tells /Film the…story is not true.”

So what now?  In all likelihood, despite the preponderance of remakes and reboots currently in development or on the market, Disney simply isn’t willing to truly assault one of popcorn cinema’s true holy grails…we hope.

What do you think of the Indiana Jones news?