Edge of tomorrow

Groundhog Day, but with war. That seems to be the simple premise of Doug Liman‘s Edge of Tomorrow, formerly known as All You Need is Kill, which recruits Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to live the same period over and over again until they get the war right. The latest trailer suggests there could also be something else even beyond that set up.

Here we see that Cruise is a prisoner at one point and later is dropped into a mission where he fights aliens (that are mostly kept off screen, at least for now) and consistently loses until he teams up with super-soldier Blunt, who trains him over the course of many deaths. But there’s a sneaking suspicion we get from the footage that there’s another game at play. Could both be brains in jars like Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code? Here’s the trailer:

What’s most appealing about this trailer is the gallows humor. These people have died repeatedly, and Blunt’s nonchalant attitude towards murdering Tom Cruise makes for a good punchline. It looks like Warner Brothers spent money on the film, and the mech suit-centric action scenes could deliver — this already looks like it could be more entertaining than Oblivion. It’s also nice to see a summer action movie that isn’t a sequel or based on a comic book, so we’re optimistic about Edge of Tomorrow, which is scheduled to open June 6.

Are you excited for Edge of Tomorrow?