castle gates s06 ep16 good

Alas, Castle doesn’t go on a drug-fueled Scorsesian romp through Wall Street in “The Greater Good.” But it does introduce Gates’ imposing sister, as well as the notion that Castle could invite Stephen King to the wedding. We’d watch that.

The Players:

  • Director: Holly Dare
  • Writer: David Grae
  • Cast: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan

Episode Title: “The Greater Good”

Castle and Beckett are trying to sculpt a small list of wedding invitees, but that Sisyphean task will have to wait. A Wall Street broker was found dead in his apartment, and the 911 call came from a mystery woman at a pay-phone. The gang thinks she’s the murderer, although she turns out to be working for the US Attorney’s office along with…wait for it…Gates’ sister Elizabeth. Our victim was a mole for an investigation into his boss, who obliges every greed is good stereotype by offering a million dollar bounty to his hedge hunters. The trader was apparently seen with a gang-banger and may have been involved with drugs, which is how the US Attorney got their claws into him. Sister Elizabeth is pretty brusque with Gates, and it turns out the two have a sour history, where Gates arrested a witness Elizabeth wanted to build a case with. But it’s a good thing Gates is so thorough and by the book. Our victim, it turns out, made a $25 million wire transfer before purchasing a gun from the aforementioned hoodlum, who’s actually a friend from Venezuela. He was adopted after his parents died in an earthquake, and rather than cooperate with the Attorneys’ office investigation, has been feeding them bad information and planning to escape back to South America. He was caught by Elizabeth’s aide and killed. Gates’ sister appreciates her uncovering the truth and sparing her from a career-ending mistake, and the two reconcile. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett, do the most adorable edit of their 600-plus person lists, because the only people they really want at the wedding are each other.

The Good:

  • El Lobo de Wall Street: The week’s case was a doozy, and most of it was caught up in its gumshoe mechanics. Our big bad wolf, the head of the morally bankrupt (but loaded otherwise) brokerage, was a delightful, charismatic scumbag. His, “Oh, I knew about the wire,” talk with Castle and Beckett was slimy in the best possible way. Plus, our victim got slightly more due than some others on the show, with his intriguing past and donating most of his hush money to rebuild his hometown in Venezuela. It’s one of the few times you can respond to insider trading with awww.
  • The List is Life: A small note, but we were overjoyed to see Martha pouring herself a glass of wine. Susan Sullivan has been too absent from the show lately. Go get your list, Martha, and tell us dirty stories about everyone on it!

The So-So:

  • Polar Vortex: Icy doesn’t cover it. Gates’ sister was impressively crystalline in her coldness towards our the Captain, and Gates played their reunion perfectly. Maybe the actors did too good a job forcing sisterly hurt down under a mein of terse professionalism. Their reconciliation was nice but also felt rather perfunctory. We can’t escape a sense that the show could’ve gone further.
  • The Deciders: Has anybody else noticed that the consistently cute, Castle and Beckett make wedding decisions B-plots, are getting less and less resolved? We’re sure they will cut that list down after they finish making out, but does anybody remember if they actually settled the venue ? We can’t fault the show for getting distracted by the banter. It was aces this week: “Let’s not invite her to the wedding.” “Ye-eah.”

The Bad:

  • Immanuel Kan’t: The murder plot of “The Greater Good” was, unfortunately, pretty easy to call. Castle usually does a good job of building out red herrings or inserting something so whimsical it throws the viewer off. The fact that the pay phone caller was working for the U.S. Attorney was supposed to disguise her guilty scent, but it actually confirmed her culpability as the case developed. Yay, America?


Coming on the heels of a fun, whacky episode, “The Greater Good” suffers a little in comparison. It’s a solid and unobjectionable, but it’s also Castle coasting. Put Michael Connolly, Stephen King, and Wes Craven in a roller coaster together and then we’ll talk.

Rating: 7/10

Castle airs Monday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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