20th Century Fox has announced that ‘Prometheus 2′ will indeed be the mystery film that Ridley Scott will work on upon the completion of Exodus and is expected to be released on March 4th 2016. It’s no surprise that after working with Scott on the new Blade Runner reboot, Michael Green is officially on board to work on the rewrites for the untitled sequel to Prometheus. Green is known for his small screen work on shows such as Smallville and Heroes and his big screen adaptation  of The Green Lantern comic.

In May 2013, he had been asked to write the Blade Runner remake script and is currently polishing that up. From his working relationship with Scott, he was offered to take over the ‘Prometheus 2′ script which was last drafted by Transcendence writer Jack Paglen. With Scott back at the helm, the franchise is poised to continue to thrive as his presence will also be tentatively joined by both Rapace and Fassbender reprising their roles. The first installment of the franchise reboot grossed over $400 million dollars world-wide.

Word from a source familiar with the upcoming picture is that this sequel will also  harken back to the terrifying tone of 1979′s Alien and be more suspenseful. A couple key plot points have been speculated to involve multiple David androids and will also pick up along the thread of the xenomorph creature seen at the end of the first film. This only fuels the anticipation of the pictures moving back to a more “Alien-y” feel but also promises to meld that to the new mythology of Scott’s universe.

An insider also told TheWrap that production is slated to start this fall after Scott delivers his cut of his Moses picture Exodus to Fox. It is highly likely that this movie will be fast-tracked ahead of the Blade Runner reboot that Alcon and Scott Free had been working on. If that happens we will see the Prometheus sequel before  Blade Runner gets remade.

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