the grudge

The Grudge, the American film based upon the Japanese film Ju-On: The Grudge, as well as the first installment of the The Grudge American Trilogy (followed by The Grudge 2 in 2006 and The Grudge 3 in 2009), was a 2004 horror film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Though it cost only $10 million to make, it grossed $187 million worldwide.  So, of course, it’s getting a reboot.

Yep, despite the fact that the franchise began only 10 years ago and just ended five years ago, Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe is rebooting the whole shebang.

In the original film Gellar starred as a nurse working in Tokyo that suffered from a family curse that fatally infects people with a rage (called “the grudge”) that destroys everyone it comes across.  It was produced by Sam Raimi, who will also produce the remake, despite the fact that the guy who made Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 should probably know better.  Jeff Buhler, who wrote Midnight Meat Train, will write the script.  No word yet on possible stars or who will direct.

What do you think of The Grudge remake news?

Source:  Deadline