Ghostbusters 3 update

Recently, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 director Ivan Reitman said that he would only be returning for the third film in a producing capacity, but also said the film would start shooting later this year, or early in 2015. Which means that the cast and crew would have to be coming together shortly. Who would direct such a thing? Well, word is that 21 and 22 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie helmers Chris Miller and Phil Lord are in talks to direct Ghostbusters 3.

This news was broken by Nikki Finke via Twitter, and confirmed by other sources, which makes sense. Right now — in terms of comedy directors — the duo have shown that they’re good at comedy and action, so they obviously have the skill set, while also have shown a mastery of taking on tricky projects that sound like a bad idea at first. It makes sense to go to them before directors like Nicholas Stoller, or Paul Feig, or Seth Gordon. If Lord and Miller want it, it’s there’s to make.

That said, Miller and Lord are coming off of three hit films in a row, with The Lego Movie set to break $250 Million domestically, and $400 Million worldwide. If they do this project, it’s not because they need to (which is the most positive thing about it), it’s because they want to, as you would think the duo could get a nine digit budget to make whatever they want at this point. Basically they have to either really like the current script (which was written by Etan Cohen, with help from Dan Aykroyd and Reitman), or have a great idea in how to do it. Both of which would get us more excited than anything we’ve heard about the project for the last five years or so.

Do you want a Ghostbusters 3?