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The fact that Disney has a fantastic deal going on with IMAX, one that apparently has been renewed, is fantastic for audiences. They’ll be able to see a number of their films, including those of the Marvel variety, up on the biggest screens imaginable.

There’s normally a high number of movies under Disney’s belt that are being thrown out into theaters every year, but thanks to the recent deal with IMAX, we’ll be seeing a lot of those films on monstrous screens. The films set to get the special IMAX treatment include Captain America: The Winter Soldier MaleficentGuardians of the GalaxyAvengers: Age of UltronTomorrowland and, last but not least, Star Wars: Episode VII. Now that’s a hefty number of movies, and we’re already going to see one of those pop up on IMAX screens in less than a month. What does this mean for Disney? Well they already have a broad reach with screens across the globe, but continuing to add IMAX into the mix makes that total even bigger for the next few years.

Now so long as the studio can try their best to deter from using 3D when it’s not necessary, then fans like myself will be happy. If you want to see a movie on the big screen fairly soon, then wait for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, due out in theaters everywhere on April 4th.

Would you watch one or more of these films in IMAX?

Source: Deadline