Hollywood can only keep a couple of thoughts in its head. It’s like a jungle predator: it knows what it wants and goes after it almost single-mindedly. And so it chases after comic book movies and young adult adaptations because of The Avengers and because of The Hunger Games. The latest young adult adaptation is The Giver, and it offers a classy cast at least.

Brenton Thwaites (and yes, that’s his real name) stars as the chosen one of this sci-fi dystopia, and he seems to buck up against Meryl Streep‘s leading class, and is assisted by Jeff Bridges (while Katie Holmes also puts in an appearance). The premise seems to be that after (a/the Vietnam) war, it was decided that free will was a decision best not left to the masses and so everyone is forced to take drugs, but our hero is going through an existential crisis (like Neo) and can tell there’s something… else. Here’s that trailer:

This is the Weinstein’s second recent attempt to chase YA gold, following the recent failure of Vampire Academy (though they obviously gave up early on that one), but as this weekend is set to launch Divergent to huge opening weekend numbers, it’s easy to understand why they’d have a trailer ready for this weekend. Even with failures like The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, simple premises and good marketing can launch very successful franchises. The Giver is set to hit theaters August 15.

What’s your favorite YA adaptation series?