Curious as to how Angelina Jolie’s interpretation of Maleficent would pan out in the titular live-action prequel to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty?  Well, the new trailer gives some big peeks: it involves the crazy eyes.  And crazy smile.  And crazy wings.  And crazy horns.  And crazy dragon.  She’s a little crazy, is what I’m saying.  Oh, and gosh, she doesn’t seem to shine of Elle Fanning’s sleeping beauty.

Oh, and then she beats up some little fairies and burns a bunch of guys alive, which is pretty nutty, too, when you think about it:

The film could very easy dip into Snow White and the Huntsman drab territory, but the trailer posits the film as an eye-catching and fascinating dive into the Maleficent’s dark history and origin tale.  And Angelina Jolie is impossible to ignore in the both alluring and disturbing role.

Maleficent was directed by Robert Stromberg, and co-stars Sharlto Copley and Sam Riley.  The film is set for a May 30 release date.

What do you think of the Maleficent trailer?

Source:  /Film