the incredibles

Many Disney/Pixar fans dreamed that one day they would hear or read the news that The Incredibles 2 would finally lift off the ground. The day has finally come. Along with that, there’s been the announcement that Cars 3 has been green lit because little boys will never stop loving the franchise that showcases a bunch of talking automobiles.

So what’s the next step for Disney? Well for starters, they confirmed that Brad Bird is working on the story. Since he directed the first one, that could mean Bird may return back to animation and take on The Incredibles 2. At least the story will be hopefully fantastic in the hands of Brad Bird. Every other Pixar fan around the world has been waiting with bated breath for this announcement to come, but it took them a long while to finally make up their minds on the decision. The Incredibles came out roughly a decade ago, but it still hasn’t left the minds of many loyal Pixar fans. Many would argue that it’s one of their best, and to finally be getting a sequel makes me want to jump up and down in my chair.

On the other side of the spectrum is Cars 3, a sequel that a lot of us didn’t expect to see pop out, but it makes sense. Cars has been a ridiculously profitable franchise due to the fact that it centers around these talking machines, ones that kids and adults alike have been in love with for generations. There will always be a market which means this franchise is going to keep on chugging along.

Which movie do you want to see more, Cars 3 or The Incredibles 2?

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