X-Men Days of Future Past

20th Century Fox has unleashed the latest tease for their upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, and this feels like the nineteenth quick glimpse at this movie, which is supposed to be one of the bigger summer movies of the year. Could it be good? It’s hard to say going by this footage.

And that’s been the film’s biggest problem so far. Director Bryan Singer seems to like this approach of over-sharing via social media, but at this point it’s left a bad taste in our mouths. Considering that the film is loaded with so many mutants, and a time travel scenario that creates overlap between the worlds originally created by Singer, Brett Ratner and the one created by Matthew Vaughn in X-Men: First Class, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and hopefully this film is deft on its feet. Here’s that teaser thing:

Who likes this? Who wants this? Last year saw The Wolverine releasing a six second vine to promote a trailer coming a couple days later, and this is just as bad. Look, Warner Brothers, Fox and Sony have been left in the dust by what Marvel has done with their character, and though all have had their own successes they’re all definitely chasing after The Avengers. X-Men has enough mutants to create a huge tapestry, but only Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine has gotten his own movies, so it’s a lot of characters who are defined by their mutant abilities and not much else.

Days of Future Past is supposedly the second most expensive film Fox has ever made, and was initially shot in 48fps, something that was abandoned either during or after the first round of shooting (the film has had extended reshoots, and Anna Paquin‘s role has been cut from the film), so there’s a lot riding on its success. We’ll see if the film delivers when it hits theaters May 23.

Are you stoked for Days of Future Past?