nfs6 Well, that didn’t happen. Need for Speed seemed liked it should have been a contender, with fast cars, and hot stars like Aaron Paul. But audiences were warned off by critics, and the advertising (it seems) didn’t hook them. Perhaps it’s partly because the film had little appeal to Breaking Bad fans, but the film came in third this weekend, while Tyler Perry fared no better.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $21,200,000 (-34.2) $5,366 $63,180,000
2 300: Rise of an Empire $19,105,000 (-57.6) $5,474 $78,311,000
3 Need For Speed $17,808,000 $5,717 $17,808,000
4 Non-Stop $10,615,000 (-32.9) $3,335 $68,805,000
5 The Single Moms Club $8,300,000
$4,378 $8,300,000
6 The LEGO Movie $7,705,000 (-29.4) $2,535 $236,932,000
7 Son of God $5,400,000 (-48.0) $1,806 $50,875,000
8 The Grand Budapest Hotel $3,640,000 (+348.7) $55,152 $4,779,000
9 Frozen $2,117,000 (-28.3) $1,444 $396,356,000
10 Veronica Mars $2,021,000 $6,945 $2,021,000

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a kids film that may not have opened to huge numbers, but had enough interest to not fall so hard that it ended up in first. That’s sort of how to read this week. Everything under achieved. At least Mr. Peabody didn’t collapse as last week’s winner 300 2 did as it fell nearly sixty percent.

Need for Speed was post-converted into 3D likely to help boost grosses. And it seems like that was a smart idea as that may have added an extra million or two. The film did better internationally, making over $40 overseas, which means the film is likely to be lightly profitable (it’s hard to imagine they spent over $50 Million on production, but dumber things have happened). Is the film now underrated? Will people like it more when they get to it via redbox? Is Aaron Paul hurt by this? Unknown.

In good news the new Wes Anderson is a hit as it is only in 66 theaters but cracked the top ten. If it gets a strong roll out the film could get to $50 Million domestic (if crowds like it) and play into summer. We shall see. It’s pretty much the only thing out there for people with discerning tastes. And that Veronica Mars number looks good considering it’s also on VOD, and Warner Brothers spent exactly nothing on advertising (at least it seems), though the numbers appear to be front loaded. But if Warners put little in, it looks like it they’ll probably get a little out. And Frozen is still playing like a champ. Though it hits DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday, it will likely just limp over $400 Million domestic. It’s so close it could do it in the next two weeks.

Reality Check: I thought these new pictures would actually open. I was WRONG.

What did you watch this weekend?