You’ll have to forgive us, but we’re a little taken aback by how, well, common the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer, Wally Pfister, feels.  The film, Transcendence, is a star-studded and cerebral examination of human interaction with technology.  And yet, it all feels a bit tired.

As we noted with the film’s first full trailer, “Johnny Depp is presented as Dr. Will Caster, the most brilliant mind in the field of artificial intelligence.  Caster is hard at work developing an A.I. comprised of the entirety of human intelligence, experience, culture, and emotion.  And because this is a movie, something goes terribly wrong.  In the case of Transcendence, an anti-technology band of extremists assassinate Caster, forcing his wife and research team to somehow insert or recreate his mind inside the A.I.  And, again, because this is a movie, it gets a more than a little wacky, with Morgan Freeman intoning that Caster will bring about “the end of mankind as we know it.”  Because of course.”

And now, we’ve got a featurette that explores the world of Transcendence a little deeper.  And by “a little deeper,” I mean that it intersperses footage from the trailer with shots of the cast and crew waxing pretentious about the merging of man and machine.

Are you planning on seeing Transcendence?

Source: io9