arnold schwarzenegger sabotage

When you think of Agatha Christie mysteries, you think brutally violent Arnold Schwarzenegger films about drug cartels, right?  Well, the David Ayer-directed film Sabotage is banking on that fact that you’ll just go with it, as the upcoming film takes as its premise the basic plot from Christie’s classic, And Then There Were None.

In the Christie original, 10 people who had been involved with the deaths of others but had not been punished for them are fooled into going to an island, where they are each killed off, one by one.  In Sabotage, Schwarzenegger leads a DEA team who each start getting killed after they take the cash from a drug cartel bust.  Check out the trailer:

David Ayer’s previous film, End of Watch, was dark, brutal, and gritty, and it seems that he’s given the same treatment to his Agatha Christie DEA murder mystery.

Sabotage is set for a March 28th release date, and co-stars Terrence Howard, Sam Worthington, Mireille Enos, Olivia Williams, Joe Manganiello, Josh Halloway, Harold Perrineau, and Max Martini.  Oh, and that wild Arnold hairdo, which is pretty incredible.

What do you think of the Sabotage red-band trailer?

Source:  Yahoo!