constantine comic

If you haven’t heard the news, NBC is moving forward with a DC Comics superhero of sorts, and that’s Constantine. There’s been a couple murmurs about the show, but we haven’t seen anything official up until today.

Matt Ryan stars are John Constantine, the occult detective who deals with some crazy supernatural happenings around the world. He’s appeared in numerous DC Comics throughout the years, first appearing in the colorful pages of a comic back in 1985. The character has gone a long way from there, from comics to a movie released back in 2005. The upcoming NBC pilot was brought to life by David S. Goyer, Neil Marshall and Daniel Cerone.

There’s something about the first official picture for NBC’s Constantine that appears a little silly. Maybe it’s the smug look on his face, or perhaps it’s the tacky background, but there’s just something about the new image that doesn’t sit right with this reporter. It’s the same kind of feeling that came up once on-set photos of The Flash came online, showing that the supposedly tight burgundy outfit that our hero is wearing is a little looser, and clunky, than we originally thought once we saw him in the bright light of day. This may also play into fanboys/fangirls slightly unrealistic expectations about the character brought to life in full costume, but Matt Ryan as Constantine strangely does look like a young blonde-haired Bill Pullman.


What do you think of the new Constantine?

Source: Variety