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Generally studios try to get a  sequel out within a three or four year timespan. Whereas 300: Rise of an Empire came seven years after the first. It did rather well, but it’s $45 Million opening makes us wonder if the studio is happy the film outperformed expectations, or disappointed that they couldn’t get it on screen sooner.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 300: Rise of an Empire $45,050,000 $12,983 $45,050,000
2 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $32,500,000 $8,261 $32,500,000
3 Non-Stop $15,378,000 (-46.7) $4,940 $52,117,000
4 The LEGO Movie $11,005,000 (-47.2) $3,345 $224,974,000
5 Son of God $10,000,000 (-60.9)
$3,057 $41,494,000
6 The Monuments Men $3,100,000 (-37.2) $1,549 $70,602,000
7 3 Days to Kill $3,062,000 (-38.2) $1,304 $25,556,000
8 Frozen $3,010,000 (-17.1) $1,813 $393,051,000
9 12 Years a Slave $2,175,000 (+122.9) $2,042 $53,107,000
10 Ride Along $2,004,000 (-34.0) $1,515 $129,968,000


The original 300 opened to over $70 Million, while 300 2 was projected to open around $30 Million, so you can see how this could be viewed as both a win and a loss. Then again, the film opened to nearly $90 Million internationally, which means it is likely to make more than the first film did worldwide (it topped out at $456 Million). It should clear $100 domestic without too much hassle, but how long it plays isn’t for sure. It could die pretty quickly as Need for Speed is going after a similar audience, and that film is PG-13.

Mr. Peabody had a solid opening, but it reminds me this 40 degree day scene from The Wire (NSFW):

Both Non-Stop and The LEGO Movie felt the impact of direct competition, falling nearly fifty percent a piece. That’s not going to get any easier on Non-Stop with Need opening next Friday. LEGO may level out a little, but that film has to be surpassing whatever expectations Warner Brothers had for the title, so even if it doesn’t clear $250, it’s not like they’re going to stop production on the upcoming sequel.

Son of God was an opening weekend phenomenon, while The Monuments Men has been a sneaky success. Had it opened in the heat of Oscar season, it might not have done as well.

It looks like Frozen will limp to $400 Million, and could pass Iron Man 3 to be the second highest grossing film of 2013. But it has to be running on fumes at this point (though it could get an second run theater bump). 12 Years a Slave was brought back post-Oscar and made another $2 Million. Twenty or thirty years ago, that win would have meant another thirty or even up to an additional hundred million dollars. These days, it will net an extra $5 Million or so.

Reality Check: Went low on 300, thinking that Peabody might be the default winner, and that would lead to everything else holding a little stronger. Instead 300 surged, which was reflected in the holdovers Alas, I gamed wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?