There’s nothing particularly wrong about the number of remakes that have been churned out by studios in recent years, due to the fact that they’ve been playing this game for decades, and we just haven’t noticed this until now. But now Sony Pictures are eyeing another property they’ve had in their back pocket for some time, and that’s Zorro. The only part fans won’t like about this upcoming remake is the approach the studio is taking on this beloved property.

Sony Pictures recently hired screenwriter Chris Boal to put together a script for a much darker interpretation of our defender of justice. Chris Boal is said to be putting together a grittier, possibly more Dark Knight-like interpretation of Zorro could upset some longtime fans. It’s been the trend for a few years now to turn all of our heroes into more angst-ridden, conflicted humans, more so than before.

Those characteristics in recent on screen heroes are starting to blend into each other and, quite frankly, are making them out to be rather boring. We want them to have some depth in their personality, yes, but hopefully it won’t get to the point of where the only difference between one character and another isn’t their personality but the outfits they wear. Personally I do prefer the more lighthearted, non-angst ridden version of Zorro, but we’ll have to wait and see how this latest interpretation will turn out.

Do you think Sony should go ahead with this darker Zorro film?

Source: The A.V. Club