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The newest Tom Hardy film, Locke, features an interesting premise—a man’s life unravels throughout the course of a car ride that lasts less than 90 minutes.  Nifty, no?  ScreenCrave’s own Christie Ko certainly though so when she reviewed the film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, noting that Hardy is “a one-man tour de force” and that “Locke is a devastating character-study that raises questions about morality and what it means to do the right thing”—and you can quote her on that (hey, the newest trailer for the film does, too).

The new ad for the film gives away a bit more of the plot than the previous trailer—Hardy plays a seemingly good man who’s past comes back to haunt him on a car ride, threatening to unravel his life.  Or, as Christie put it:

Ivan Locke is an earnest man, resolved to be as sound and steady as the concrete he pours for a living. He is unfailingly reliable and trusted by his family and coworkers.  But when a mistake from his past puts his resolve to be good and responsible to the test, he’s faced with a devastating choice: give in to becoming everything he hates, or destroy the life he’s worked so hard to create.

Intriguing, no?  Check out the trailer:

Directed by Steven Knight, and co-staring Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Tom Holland, and Olivia Colman, Locke is set for an April 25, 2014 release date.

What do you think of the Locke trailer?

Source:  Yahoo!