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There appears to be a lot of confusion as to whether or not Donald Glover will be a part of the season 5 finale of NBC‘s Community. It’s even more difficult to understand that there’s conflicting reports due to the fact that the character Troy has already departed from the show. Is it at all possible he could return to Greendale one last time? It’s a little confusing, but let us explain.

The first hint that was dropped that Donald Glover could return one more time was supposedly from the actor himself:

Hey fans, Childish Gambino here. I really hope you are excited for this hackathon. More info coming soon.

P.s. I am returning to Community, because the internet.

Is this entirely true? We’re not sure, but there’s been more internet rumors popping up stating the significance of the upcoming season finale and whether or not Troy will be a part of it. Thankfully a lot of the confusion was put to rest when the real Donald Glover went online and cleared the air:

To people asking about the hackathon/community email: it is fake.

It’s a little disappointing that the rumors were false after all, mainly because it would’ve been fantastic to see Troy and Abed side-by-side once again. Don’t let that stop you from watching further episodes of Community. The latest episode will be airing tonight at 8 PM on NBC.

Do you want Troy to make another appearance in Community soon?

Source: Observation Deck