Captain America: The Winter Soldier

With Captain America set to return to theaters in less than a month, we’re starting to be inundated with all new material from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and more and more sneak peaks. The latest is an extended clip (seemingly from the opening of the movie) that shows Cap (Chris Evans) and company working to stop terrorists.

Terrorists or pirates — really, who’s to say (pirates could be considered a water-bound class of terrorists, though pirate goals are generally more based on profit than ideology, though both are using the power of violence as a tool to get what they want). Regardless we get to see Frank Grillo‘s Brock Rumlow (aka Crossbones) get in on the action, and of Scarlet Johansson‘s Natasha Romanov (aka Black Widow) is more the capable of beating the crap out of a group of bad guys. Check it out:

The film, which was directed by the Russo brothers (who resurrected their career by working on Community of all things) seems to understand what Thor: The Dark World also did, which is that these movies need to be fun. Though the recent trailer for Transformers 4 seemed to wallow in the melancholy that took over comic book movies post-The Dark Knight, it’s good to see that these movies have a sense of playfulness and comedy. Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4.

 Is The Winter Soldier a first screening, first day, opening weekend or catch it on cable film for you?