300: Rise Of An Empire (2013) EVA GREEN as Artemesia

After last week’s tussle between Non-Stop and Son of God, this week features another set of movies that will clash over the top spot. They are 300: Rise of an Empire, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman. And it should be close.

Both are looking to do over $30 Million this weekend, which means with holdovers and such, it’s going to be a pretty big week considering it’s the start of March. The original 300 was a surprise success, and ended up making $70 Million over its three day, but that film also came out in 2007, when it’s speed-ramping, and CGI-tinted look was fresh and inspiring. Now it’s altogether too familiar, while the narrative from the original is hard to spin off into something new.

Still, there’s a name, and curiosity. Whereas Mr. Peabody is mostly appealing to parents looking for a new animated film. It’s not like the Rocky and Bullwinkle spin-off characters are ingrained in young kids minds, though there is the inherent name value to some parents, but more in a “oh yeah, I remember” that sort of way. But it’s also more likely to surprise with its final number because it’s aimed at kids, and we’ve seen films like this explode at the box office, though early word suggests that it’s not a home run (though many like it).

So let’s get predicting:

Mr. Peabody and Sherman - $35 Million

300: Rise of an Empire - $29.8 Million

Non-Stop - $17.3 Million

Son of God - $15 Million

The LEGO Movie – $11.5 Million

I could be going high on Sherman and low on 300, but the R rating means that some may buy tickets for one and see the other.

What are you watching this weekend?