west side story

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg is a man who’s created a number of memorable, classic movies that film fans of all generations have grown to love. So why would he be leaning towards a remake of perhaps one of the most popular movie musicals, West Side Story? We’re not entirely sure, but that’s what Spielberg wants to do.

It’s been reported that Steven Spielberg is looking to remake West Side Story. That is already a surprising realization, but you want to know what else? Twentieth Century Fox is more than happy to accommodate to the famous filmmaker, which isn’t too surprising to hear. He’s got the chance to really move forward with the remake, but the main question is whether or not this should be done in the first place. The play turned 1961 movie still resides in the hearts of many, but there is a generation or two that might not even know of it’s existence. This could be the perfect opportunity not only to re-spark the interest of West Side Story fans with this remake, but get audiences acclimated to movie musicals once again.

In the earlier days of cinema there were quite a few movie musicals prancing around on the big screen, but this recent generation doesn’t have much of an appetite for that genre. After the success of Frozen, which in some ways is a movie musical, maybe we’re on the verge of seeing a new wave of movie musicals. Some would argue that Frozen‘s success is in a large part due to the animation lure, but I think it’s time we re-introduce audiences to this long forgotten sub genre. To that I say why not; let’s go ahead and let Steven Spielberg remake West Side Story and see how he does.

Do you want Steven Spielberg to remake West Side Story? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm