The BoxTrolls teaser

Laika’s latest The BoxTrolls, has been good about releasing trailers. They put out their first teaser over a year before the film was scheduled to hit theaters, and now there’s a new trailer that seems to recognize how much the world loves animation right now, and especially Frozen.

We doubt it will be too much like that recent Oscar winner, as the film is stop motion animated and has — at least in previous trailers — emphasized that it’s about odd families. The premise may not be familiar to those who haven’t read the novel Here Be Monsters! by Adam Snow, but it follows a family of BoxTrolls (voiced by the likes of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Richard Ayoade) who take in an orphaned boy, raise him, and then have to face a villain whose looking to destroy their home, none of which is apparent in this footage. Here’s that trailer:

With a September release, it seems that they’re aggressively marketing this film considering they’ve already released three trailers, but they’ve been planting seeds by attaching those trailers to big animation releases. This time they’re attaching the latest trailer to Mr. Peabody and Sherman, so hopefully by the time the film comes out, kids will be dying to see it, though this trailer doesn’t work as well on us as the previous trailers. And though the animation studio Laika is the pet project of the son of a very rich man, the studio itself (which makes only stop motion animation) has produced great work while also working in a format that could be considered antiquated. That deserves laurels even if The BoxTrolls, which hits theaters September 26, does not.

Are you in for The BoxTrolls?