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The cast continues to grow for Fox’s upcoming show Gotham, and with that comes two new additions taking on the role of a couple beloved characters. Even though we won’t be seeing Bruce Wayne don the iconic suit anytime soon, we’ll still be seeing a fair share of the youngster, and one of his future nemesis, in the new show.

It’s already been reported that we’ll be seeing a young Bruce Wayne in Gotham, shortly after his parents are brutally murdered. When the young boy is brought into the station, that’s when he is introduced to a fresh-faced Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie). David Mazouz (Touch) will be taking on the role of the young Mr. Wayne, but that’s not the most surprising part of our news today. It’s been revealed that we’ll be seeing a teenage Selina Kyle roaming around the dank streets of Gotham, and she’ll be played by Camren Bicondova. Now she won’t be putting together her Catwoman outfit anytime soon, but we’ll be getting quite a bit of her origin story as the show continues on. Here are the descriptions for both characters on the show:

“[Bruce is] not a playboy-by-day, vigilante-by-night, but a preteen who has been sentenced to a solitary life after his parents’ tragic murders.”

“[Selina is] a teen orphan who is suspicious and wholly unpredictable. A skilled pickpocket and street thief, [she] is pretty dangerous when cornered.”

Gotham will be popping up on television screens everywhere this fall.

Are you looking forward to the new Fox show Gotham?

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