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Marvel’s strong suit isn’t with their television show right now, but that’s not the case for DC Entertainment. They’re amping up a new slate of cool television shows, and the latest one to get the all-star treatment is The CW‘s new series for The Flash.

Grant Gustin is gearing up for a pretty major and cool role, which is the fast-as-lightning man Barry Allen better known as The Flash. The fictional character has lived on the pages of DC comics since his arrival in the 1940s, which is a mighty long time. The superhero name has been passed on from one character to another, and has appeared in a number of animated television shows, but he hasn’t popped up in live-action shows until recently. Folks saw an incarnation of Barry Allen in Smallville, but he’s never received too much of the television spotlight until now. Once he made his appearance in The CW’s hit show Arrow, fans knew it was merely a matter of time until the cool character would get his own television show.

Will we be seeing Barry Allen/The Flash in a movie sometime in the near future? It’s doubtful, but the idea of a Flash television show tickles my fancy. Be on the lookout for set pictures of The Flash as filming begins on the new television show this week. No word on when the pilot will air, but it would be safe to say it’ll pop out some time towards the end of this year.

the flash

Do you like the look of The Flash for the upcoming television show?

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