This weekend showed box office muscle as an off weekend led to three films doing over twenty million at the box office, while the Liam Neeson film Non-Stop dominated the frame, and fended off Son of God for the top spot.


Film Weekend Per Screen
1 Non-Stop $30,019,000 $9,715 $30,019,000
2 Son of God $26,500,000 $8,129 $26,500,000
3 The LEGO Movie $21,015,000 (-32.9) $5,574 $209,325,000
4 The Monuments Men $5,000,000 (-36.8) $1,666 $65,690,000
5 3 Days to Kill $4,900,000 (-60.0)
$1,706 $20,701,000
6 RoboCop $4,500,000 (-54.1) $1,560 $51,210,000
7 Pompeii $4,300,000 (-58.4) $1,618 $17,740,000
8 Frozen $3,611,000 (-18.0) $2,068 $388,736,000
9 About Last Night $3,400,000 (-54.9) $1,885 $43,750,000
10 Ride Along $3,065,000 (-33.7) $1,640 $127,189,000

The big winner here is Son of God, which cost nothing in the sense that it was a cutdown version of a miniseries, and the marketing was laser-specific. Now that it costs nothing to make prints (or at least a fraction of the price it used to), the film was likely in profit by Friday. It probably won’t hold that well (though it might), but who cares? Expect this (which cost nothing) to be used as evidence against Noah (which cost over a hundred million) if/when it has box office problems.

Non-Stop might not make it to $100 Million domestic, but that number would make it a clear winner. As it will probably finish up around $80 Million, it will need international to cross into profitability, but it shows that Universal is having a very strong first quarter with original titles, between this Ride Along and Lone Survivor. Their only misfire was the remake of Endless Love. Non-Stop should do well enough abroad that it’s success is likely.

The LEGO Movie crossed the two hundred million dollar mark this weekend and is still going strong. It should stay above ten million next weekend, though if it crosses the $250 Million mark, that’s going to be the last big milestone. The Monuments Men is looking to be quietly profitable, while RoboCop has made over $180 Million worldwide, which means it will make money and there could be a sequel. Speaking of international, Frozen crossed the billion dollar mark and is likely to cross the four hundred million mark domestically. Though it’s hard to suggest it will have any gas after that.

Reality Check: I went low on the top two because I thought the Oscars and the fact that it’s not really an exciting weekend would keep them in check. I was wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?