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There’s no denying that HBO did it again, blowing us away with their fantastical storytelling and grade-A actors in one of their latest shows, True Detective. Fans have been wondering like crazy as to who will play the next two detectives on the second season. Could they be female? Creator Nic Pizzolatto hinted that it might be so, which will be a refreshing change considering the way women are treated in this first season.

Now I’m as much of a fan of True Detective as the next person, but fans have to admit that there’s a serious problems with the writing of the female characters in this show. The women are written particularly strong, but they’re heavily manipulative. Could we see a change in the female characters next season? Perhaps, from what the creator said recently on twitter. When he was approached with the question of making the two detectives in season 2 female, this is what he said:

One of the detriments of only having two POV characters, both men (a structural necessity). Next season…

If only he would tell us more, but alas we’ll have to sit back and wait until the casting is revealed for the next season.

It’s strange to realize that a couple of the biggest shows out there on television within the past year have been in some ways the most hateful to women. In one corner you had the recently ended show Breaking Bad, one that contained strong female characters but a lot of their most annoying and irrational flaws come out to the surface. Then there’s True Detective, one that boasts a fantastic cast but also paints a particularly ugly light on the main female characters on the show, particularly that of Maggie Hart (Michelle Monaghan). If you’re all caught up with the show, then you know there’s a particular scene with her character in this past week’s episode that changes Marty’s (Woody Harrelson) life ultimately for the worse. Some may see it as some-what empowering, but folks like myself found it even more difficult to root for her after the episode concluded.

Pizzolatto recently commented on the perception of women in the show thus far:

The dilemma with the females in the script is that this is an extremely tight point-of-view show. You’re either in Hart’s point of view or Cohle’s point of view. Any character that is not them runs the risk of being peripheral. There were more scenes with both Maggie and Laurie, Rust’s girlfriend, but because we only had 56 minutes to tell a story, we had to cut. But Maggie, for me, is the most emotionally intelligent person in the show.

We’ll just have to wait and see how they tweak it around for the second season. Either way, we still have two more episodes left before the season is over.

What do you think of True Detective so far?

Source: Slashfilm