Parks And Recreation Anniversaries Episode 14 Season 6 – TV Review

With the Winter Olympics now in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to turn our attention back to the comedy excellence that is Parks and Recreation – now beginning their post-Ann & Chris era.

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The Players:

  • Director: Morgan Sackett
  • Writers: Megan Amram
  • Cast: Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Aziz Ansari, Jim O’Heir, Retta, Aubrey Plaza, Rob Lowe, and Chris Pratt, Nick Kroll, Alison Becker, Mo Collins, Ben Schwartz, Lucy Lawless, Jon Glaser, Henry Winkler

Episode Title: “Anniversaries”

Ben attempts to surprise Leslie with a special anniversary gift. Tom and Adam try to help Leslie bring positive light to the Pawnee-Eagleton merger.

The Good:

  • Ben & Larry’s Day Out: Terrific storyline with Ben dragging Larry along on the romantic day he had planned for Leslie. The dance class routine was superb.
  • Star Wars Stress: The forthcoming Star Wars sequel has Ben stressing – hard. The man is clearly dealing with some deep issues about how to embrace the new films.
  • What? More Ben?: The hair was in fine form, and his stunned-happy-super happy act after receiving Leslie’s awesome anniversary gift was hilarious. The Game of Thrones Life Size Replica Iron Throne was everything and then some.
  • Jhod: John Hodgman did fine work as snooty radio co-host August Clementine. “Scoff.”
  • Donna/April: Not the best plot, but both delivered some quality laughs.
  • Chris: Not going to lie – Chris Traeger is totally missed.
  • Best Line: Ron: “Artists are crooks.”
  • Best Line II: Ron: “Dear Canada, F**k You.” Wow, that was funny. Insanely perfect delivery!

The Bad:

  • Leslie: She can be…. annoying at times. The plot with the old folks just didn’t bear much comedy fruit. And then she tap-danced which just didn’t help at all.


There was quality laughter delivered throughout, but Ben and Larry stole the damn show. And Ben with the Game of Thrones Iron Throne was just about perfect. Good episode to come back on post-Winter Olympics break.


Rating: 7/10

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 8:30 pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.

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