Stephen King - The Stand

Well, the long road to seeing a big screen adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel The Stand just got a little longer—since the film’s announcement in 2011, The Stand gained Ben Affleck as a director, then lost him, then gained Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Out of the Furnace), and then lost him, too.  And now, the film has yet another director attached to direct.

Josh Boone (Stuck in Love) is now set to helm the film for Warner Bros.  Boone is no stranger to book-to-film adaptations—he directed the upcoming adaptation of John Green’s Young Adult novel The Fault in Our Stars, which is set for a June 6 release date.

Boone is also no stranger to the world of Stephen King, according to The Hollywood Reporter: raised in a conservative Christian household, at age 12 Boone’s mother found his copy of King’s The Stand and burned it.  Afterwards, Boone sent a letter to King, who responded with a box full of autographed novels, and much later appeared in Stuck in Love.

As for whether or not The Stand can ever really be made remains to be scene—the 1152-page novel is a sprawling, multi-part epic in which 99% of the world’s population dies due to a leaked government-engineered virus.  The book then follows the remaining 1% of America’s population as they struggle to rebuild society while forming two camps—the forces of good gravitate towards an old woman in Colorado, while the forces of evil find themselves dreaming of a “dark man” who will lead them in Las Vegas.  From there, the story takes its cues directly from the Book of Revelation and becomes a tale of Good vs. Evil and ultimate Armageddon.

The Stand was adapted once before in 1994, as a six-hour miniseries for ABC.

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