Marvel fans like myself are getting absolutely spoiled by all of the cool movies and television shows that are popping out of the production company. While they not all be home run stories, it’s still so great to see some of our favorite characters we grew up reading coming to life on the big screen, or soon to be on Netflix. Marvel’s latest announcement on the upcoming set of Netflix-aired shows is exciting to comic fans and NYC television workers alike.

It’s been revealed that Marvel will be filming their upcoming slate of shows, the ones that are soon to air on Netflix, all in New York City. For those who are ready and raring to work some more in the “industry,” this is the perfect opportunity for them to get their hands on some sweet IMDB credits, showing the kind of cool projects they’ve recently worked on. If I lived in New York City I would be applying to be even a measly production assistant on one of these shows. Getting the opportunity to boast about working on a Marvel show? Yes please.

This news is equally fantastic because a lot of the characters in the Marvel universe first originated in comics form out of New York City. Now we’ll be seeing Daredevil actually running around the real Hell’s Kitchen, along with other various, badass Marvel heroes. The mere thought of that gets me excited beyond measure. Hopefully they’ll begin casting and filming this new slate of shows, along with the recently announced mini series The Defenders, soon enough.

Which Marvel character are you excited to see get his/her own show? Daredevil? Jessica Jones?

Source: Slashfilm