RIP: Steve Jobs with Latest iPad in 2010

Perhaps to right the karmic of wrong of wildly influential entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs having only one major feature film biopic about his life in which he was portrayed by Asthon Kutcher of all people, Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, The West Wing, The Social Network) has written a biopic about the late Apple co-founder.  And now it appears that Sorkin will be re-teaming with his The Social Network director David Fincher to get it made.

This is great news for fans of The Social Network, an usually entertaining and excellent film for a biopic (not our favorite genre)—Fincher and Sorkin’s aesthetics worked well together on the so-called “Facebook film.”  Futher, Sorkin’s script is less a by-the-numbers biopic about Jobs’ life; rather, /Film reports that it revolves around three of Jobs’ keynote speeches: “the first Mac, NeXT and the iPod.”  Much of the film is based upon the authorized biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, and Apple co-founder Steve Woziniak with act as a consultant.

Fincher is set to release his latest film, Gone Girl, later this year, and is set to direct the pilot for HBO’s Utopia.

What do you think of the Steve Jobs news?