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On How I Met Your Mother the gang goes on one bender after another. “Rally” tells the story of Barney’s hangover the morning of his wedding. We’ve all been there before, but no one handles a drunken debacle like these guys.

The Players:

  • Director: Pamela Fryman
  • Writers: Carter Bays and Craig Thomas
  • Cast: Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Cristin Milioti, Bob Saget, Ray Wise, Spencer Ralston, Stephen Grove Malloy, Sharline Liu, Mariangela Pagan, Katie Silverman, Dexter Cross, Robert Belushi, Katrina Norman, Napoleon Ryan, Lou Cutell, Marjorie Lovett

Episode Title: “Rally”

The gang attempts to figure out the secret ingredient to Barney’s hangover cure to sober him up on the morning of his wedding.

The Good:

  •  You Son of a B: After nine years of immersing ourselves in the lives of this group, every flash forward is a treat. Lily waits until dropping off her son at college to get stinking drunk again. And by wait, we mean run to the nearest bar for shots as soon as she leaves his presence. That her son uttered Lily’s time honored catch phrase—“You son of a b.”—proves he was raised right. 
  • Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir: Who could really be surprised that the secret ingredient to the Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir was lies? No one hangover cure works forever, even for the most experienced drinker. It was sweet to have the gang slowly realize that Barney lied to help them in some of the toughest moments of their lives. He saved Marshall from ruining his last day taking the bar, got Robin ready for her first day back on the air, sent Lily off to a noisy field trip, and helped Ted recover from being left at the altar. Waking him up was never going to happen; Barney was so drunk he couldn’t take a good picture, ruining “Say Cheese” forever.  It was only right that the gang fix it with lies, as in telling Barney they pulled a “Weekend at Barney’s” on the wedding pictures when really his father-in-law kicked him in the crotch. 
  • The Dream: With only five weeks left in the series, expect How I Met Your Mother to tie up all loose ends. This week, they tackled Lily’s series-long desire to make out with Robin. At times it’s seemed romantic and at others primordial, but it’s always there. It’s deep and it’s real, or at least it was. After tossing Barney down the stairs and trying Robin’s dad’s psychologically scarring methods to wake up young children the two come to a last resort.(Dunking heads in an ice bath, threatening to destroy an object of affection; it’s really a wonder Robin isn’t more screwed up.) Barney started to awaken at Robin and Lily’s mere mention of a make-out, and opened his eyes seconds after their lips locked. The final scene of the night, showing Robin searching for any reason to kiss Lily again while her paramour regretted it was the passing of the baton.
  • The Vow: The gang vowed never be as drunk as Barney was on the day of his wedding. They all failed of course, and with Marshall making the first declaration he lost in the most spectacular fashion. In 2020 on the night he was elected New York State Supreme Court Judge a bad poll sent Marshall to the bottle early. By the time he was interviewed for his victory, he was vowing to make Gotham City’s Batman work harder. Lily’s drunken college drop off in 2030 was already lampooned, but Robin’s raises a big question. Her slipup comes a lot quicker than the other—proving she and Barney still have an awesome marriage—waking up on the floor of a room in Buenos Aires in 2016. It was clear they attended some function/party/gala, but not clear why they quickly assumed the crying baby in their neighbor’s room was theirs. Were they so drunk they forgot that they’re childless, or does that change? Probably not right?
  • Baconator: So maybe there is someone out there is allergic to bacon; to that sad soul we pledge our undying affection.  Ted should have realized that his mother was lying though, on account of being allergic to not only bacon, but doughnuts, Halloween candy and not saying thank you. Watching his first bite of bacon was like rebirth. 

The Quotable:

  • “Bitch, walk out that door and I tag Zabkha as my maid of honor.”—Robin


“Rally” was an amazing melody of sweet moments, hilarious callbacks and new laughs. It made us sad that the end is near. This was the kind of classic episode that made this show great. We just hope they have a few more of these in them. And if they could clear up this Stinson baby question soon, that’d be super. No sense for the show to enter the great beyond with that hanging over its head.

Rating: 10/10

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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