And one of these movies we’re excited to see! Paul Thomas Anderson‘s latest movie Inherent Vice is going to be hitting theaters later this year, while the Entourage movie will be hitting the big screen next summer, just in time for 2015′s big franchise face-off.

Inherent Vice will be coming to the big screen on December 12 2014, which puts it up against Ridley Scott‘s Exodus and the movie adaptation of Paddington the Bear. Some had speculated the film would be ready in time for Cannes, while Anderson has also shown a willingness to premiere his films at Fantastic Fest, which means we could see it screen festivals before that date. But with Warner Brothers behind the release of the movie, they may be more hands on in steering the eventual release as it seems that Inherent Vice, which should be pretty funny, is Anderson’s most commercial film since Punch-Drunk Love, and there is probably a thought that The Master could have done better if it came out later in the year. 

As for Entourage, everyone’s back, they’re casting now and the film is scheduled to hit theaters June 12, 2015, which puts it up against Jurassic World. Warner Brothers is hoping to have the same success they had with the Sex and the City movies, though it’s hard to say there’s the same amount of passion in the fanbase. We’re guessing the film will offer gratuitous nudity and everything will work out all right in the end for Vinnie Chase, but hey, maybe they’ve changed the formula.

Is Inherent Vice going to be an awards contender?