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It’s been a couple months since the first official Godzilla trailer stormed it’s way out onto the scene, but we haven’t seen too much since then. The movie comes out in May, so fans of the upcoming film should at least get another cool picture headed their way. Empire Magazine heard our call, and revealed a sweet new cover with the gigantic lizard ready to wreak havoc on millions of innocent victims.

Perhaps the main thing that perks my interest about this incarnation of Godzilla isn’t just the filmmaker and cast, but the actual size of the beast. He makes previous versions of the iconic monster look like little toys compared to this 2014 take. At the same time this picture does have an impressive cast which includes Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, and many others.

There still isn’t too much of the plot that’s been revealed for the upcoming Gareth Edwards picture, other than that Godzilla is going to be demolishing some buildings and stomping on some puny humans throughout the movie. At least the look of Godzilla looks pretty cool, slightly unique. From what the Empire cover shows us, Godzilla has been slightly altered, and is a bit taller, but still possesses some of the physical features that still makes the humongous lizard just as intimidating as before. Godzilla comes out in theaters everywhere on May 16th.

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Will you see Godzilla right away on it’s opening weekend?

Source: Slashfilm