The LEGO Movie

Though there was little doubt about how this was going to go down, The LEGO Movie trounced everything else that hit theaters, then ate them up and spit them out. Which means that both Pompeii and 3 Days to Kill better hope for better international numbers. 

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The LEGO Movie $31,450,000 (-36.9) $8,085 $183,160,000
2 3 Days to Kill $12,300,000 $4,283 $12,300,000
3 Pompeii $10,010,000 $3,766 $10,010,000
4 RoboCop $9,400,000 (-56.6) $2,788 $43,600,000
5 The Monuments Men $8,100,000 (-47.7)
$2,644 $58,050,000
6 About Last Night $7,400,000 (-71.1) $3,285 $38,150,000
7 Ride Along $4,667,000 (-46.4) $2,135 $123,173,000
8 Frozen $4,357,000 (-30.0) $2,304 $384,061,000
9 Endless Love $4,301,000 (-67.7) $1,485 $20,142,000
10 Winter’s Tale $2,130,000 (-70.8) $718 $11,224,000

First thing first, last weekend was not only a holiday but kicked off with Valentine’s Day. So when you look at the grosses of About Last Night, Endless Love and Winter’s Tale, they got boosted by the holiday, and now the air is out. Winter’s is one of the biggest hubris-driven bombs in a long time, which makes me want to see it all the more. And yet I’ll probably wait for Redbox. It’s that much easier to enjoy that sort of failing for a dollar.

Speaking of something where I’d rent that for a dollar, the RoboCop remake has made a hundred million overseas. If it keeps going at this pace, we’re likely to see a sequel despite the fact that American audiences weren’t crazy about it. We don’t drive the market any more, though we help. Sometime next weekend The LEGO Movie will cross the two hundred million mark, which it will do in it’s fourth weekend. That’s really good, and again, I’d say it should get to around $250, maybe $270 when it’s all over. It depends how it weathers March and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Pompeii and 3 Days to Kill died pretty quick deaths domestically, but they were made more for international appeal than domestic. We’ll see how that goes for them. Next weekend offers Liam Neesons in Non-Stop, which could hit, but Neeson in an action movie is no guarantee of a good gross, so we could see LEGO pull off a four-peat at the top slot.

Reality Check: I thought Pompeii would do a little better and 3 Days a little worse, and I thought About Last Night would have staying power because of Kevin Hart. I don’t feel too bad about these predictions, the one that hurts getting wrong most is not thinking Valentine’s Day inflated Last Night.

What did you watch this weekend?