anchorman 2 the legend continues

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is a December release that came out to mixed reviews, but audiences still enjoyed themselves all the same as they went on yet another adventure with Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and the rest of the Channel 4 news team. The sequel is lucky enough to get one more release, but this time the version we’ll be seeing is a bit different from the original theatrical release, which could make it all the better.

Director Adam McKay had quite the interesting predicament the first time around with Anchorman when he discovered that there was enough extra footage from the first movie to make a second film. Similar to events that happened before, McKay found himself with yet another movie to show off to the world. Instead of chucking it out along with the DVD/Blu-ray of the sequel, the studio decided it would be best to unleash this out into the world, more so theaters, for one week only.

On February 28th, you’ll be able to see the latest theatrical cut with supposedly 763 new jokes. Is it really that many? I wonder if they actually sat down and counted how many new jokes that had on there, or if they’re just making it up. If you saw Anchorman 2 when it first popped out in theaters last year, then maybe you’ll be able to answer that question for me.

Will you run out in theaters to see this special cut of Anchorman 2?

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