In an interesting marketing ploy, Sony has teamed with the anti film-piracy “Moments Worth Paying For” campaign from by releasing their own “moment worth paying for” by releasing a screenshot from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2.

One supposes that Sony is pushing this cinematic beat as a moment worth paying for, despite teasing it already in trailers.  TotalFilm has the exclusive, in which they call the shot a massive spoiler, which is kind of cute, since we’ve already seen it coming in trailers, posters, and the fact that it made up a huge part of the Spider-Man/ Green Goblin arc in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (though since it culminated in the terrible Spider-Man 3, we’d forgive you for forgetting that).

But ok, sure, the shot looks fairly impressive—Spidey and the young Goblin are tearing into each other amid a large series of industrial gears, with Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn/ Green Goblin looking positively Joker-like in how unhinged he is.

amazing spider-man 2 green goblin battle

As for whether or not this scene is a moment worth paying for (and if the overall film is worth it, either), we probably will not know until the film is released on May 2.  But as we’ve said before, it can’t be any more mediocre than The Amazing Spider-Man, right?

What do you think of the new image?